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by Vickie Mckeehan
Children’s author, Ngaire Elder, graciously invited me to participate in her latest blog hop. Since it’s been a while for me, I decided I needed to add a little extra sugar to the pot. So let me get started by telling you something about Ngaire.

Ngaire Elder is the author of a series of children’s books, The Adventures of Cecilia Spark. Each book sends Cecilia Spark on a different journey beginning with The Brimstone Forest, followed by the Mystical Mountains of Terra, and her latest adventure, Dragon Star. Read her books and you’ll soon discover Ngaire is a natural storyteller whose love of animals is reflected in her work.

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, she spent most of her childhood there playing with her brother and all her imaginary friends. As a child, she wrote plays, just for fun, but it would be years before her first book was ultimately published.

After college and university, Ngaire embarked on a career in the health and safety sector. As a Health and Safety Advisor, she was instrumental in implementing health and safety laws in the workplace. After meeting her husband, she chose a new occupation, and became a full-time wife and mother.

In the past decade, Ngaire has managed to balance a writing career and family commitments. She has participated in reading events at primary schools in County Derry, Northern Ireland, Seeley Primary School, Sherwood, and has taught English to young children participating in the Spanish school system’s extracurricular activity programme. She has been interviewed extensively by European and American bloggers, and her work has been featured in Indie Author News, British Indie Fiction, the Coleraine Times, and The Nottingham Post.

Ngaire is a passionate supporter of horse rescue, having volunteered in a rescue center in southern Spain. She is actively involved in fundraisers supporting not only local rescue centers, but also for international programs, such as saving the wild horses in the Pryor Mountain range of Montana.

Ngaire resides in Spain with her husband and four children. Her children’s series is destined to become a classic.

I’ve been asked to answer a few questions. (That’s the rules of a blog hop.) So here goes:

1) What am I working on?

The third Skye Cree book, The Box of Bones. Oh, and did I mention the cover?

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Tough question. But I think I have an answer. I don’t like lag times in books. In other words, when they start dragging, I find myself skipping pages to jump ahead until the story picks up. Because of this I do my best to keep the action/interest/storyline moving and keep my readers guessing. Do I always succeed, perhaps not? But I give it my best shot anyway. 🙂

3) Why do I write what I do?

Plain and simple, I love the romantic suspense genre. If done right, it’s got it all, romance, a suspenseful plot, a little mystery, a little thriller. What more could I want out of a story whenever I find time to read? I try to give readers what I like in a good book.

4) How does my writing process work?

Not sure about that word “process” becauseprocess can mean a lot of different things to different people. My interpretation is this. When I take an idea and run with it, it doesn’t always pan out. I’ve written myself into more corners more times than I can count. So I learned early on to outline the story by chapter. If there are gaps in my idea, then I know where I need to fill in before I get too far in. If I can’t fill in, then I move on to another idea because maybe that idea sucks and I need to rethink the storyline.

Blog hops are a great way to get to know new writers. It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce you to two who just happen to live in California like I do. They’re practically my neighbors. Here are Marilyn Holdsworth and Robert Scott McKay .

A little something about Marilyn. She’s the author of Pegasus, The Beautiful American, and Making Wishes.

Marilyn Holdsworth lives with her husband in Southern California. She is an extensive world traveler, holds a degree in English Literature and has a background in writing and editing. She is a successful businesswoman as well as a former horse owner and trainer. She is a supporter of Horse Rescue and contributor to Wild Horse Preservation. Her women’s fiction novels are sold worldwide.

Robert Scott McKay writes urban fantasy. His debut novel, Unbound, Book One: Earth, introduces readers to Lily Godwin and her seventeen-year-old charge, William. The story continues in Book Two: Air, Book Three: Water, and Book Four: Fire. Unfortunately, at this writing, Rob is ill. He started his new year off inhospital and has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Right now, Rob needs all the support and good vibes directed his way that you can manage to send him. So if you have time, make a point to drop Rob a good wish or two on his Facebook page or at his blog. He’d love to hear from you! We all wish him the very best. Rob, get well soon!

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