Save California’s Wild Horses!

America’s wild mustangs are part of our historical heritage and they are our responsibility to protect and preserve. The government’s current purposed horse round up in Northern California and sale of them is not an acceptable way to manage or preserve the animals now roaming freely inside the Modoc National Forest. The U.S. Forest Service purposes to round up hundreds of animals and make them available for adoption over a 30 day period. All those 10 years and older are to be sold without limitations at $1.00 each. This would allow kill buyers to purchase truckloads of horses. We must protect our wild horses and develop a more humane program for herd management. Sending hundreds of healthy horses to slaughter is not the solution!

You can help save the horses by supporting your choice of a wild horse sanctuary and writing or emailing your government representatives to bring the plight of the mustangs to their attention.   Act now!


Stand Up for America’s Wild Horses!

Let your voice be heard. Our wild mustangs need our help. The U.S. government and Bureau of Land Management’s new proposals and regulations for our wild mustangs are not acceptable. Wild horse round ups by helicopter, herding terrified animals for miles and miles to be held captive in abominable, cramped holding facilities is inhumane and not a viable solution to wild horse management. The BLM must fairly allocate range resources to ensure all wildlife, including our wild horses, have a fair share of the forage on our public lands. And a fertility control program must be implemented to humanely and effectively manage our wild horse herd populations.

Our wild horses need us to save them from any government plan to euthanize or send them to slaughter. The American Mustang is a part of our historical heritage and we must see that they are preserved. These horses belong to all of us. They are true national treasures and the responsibility of all of us to protect.  



American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign criticizes the BLM. Quote…
“It is truly outrageous that the BLM is blaming wild horse advocates for the removal of over 50% more horses from the Wyoming Checkerboard than the agency announced. If the BLM had not trampled federal law and public opinion in proceeding with this brutal roundup that killed 14 horses outright and robbed more than 1,200 horses of their freedom, then there would have been no grounds for delay. The Herd Management Areas from which these horses removed were not overpopulated – this was done solely to appease local ranchers who believe they are entitled to use and abuse our public lands and receive taxpayer subsidies in the process. Please tell them what you think by posting comments – but please don’t use profanity or threats – just the heartfelt truth.”Marilyn Holdsworth BLM Roundup.

MarilynHoldsworth BLM roundup.

Bureau of Land Management – Wyoming added 2 new photos.
Forty-seven wild horses were gathered and removed today from the Adobe Town Herd Management Area (HMA).

Appeals and motions delayed removal operations, allowing more wild horses to move across the fluid boundary from solid block public lands into the checkerboard in preparation for winter and in search of water; thus, the population estimate for the checkerboard was surpassed by the number of wild horses actually removed. A total of 1,263 wild horses (including one branded gelding) were removed from the checkerboard portions of the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin HMAs since September 15. Removal operations have now concluded.

Removed wild horses will be sent to BLM holding facilities in Canon City, Colorado, and Rock Springs, Wyoming, and prepared for adoption. The wild horses will be available for adoption at the Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility, the Mantle Adoption and Training Facility in Wheatland, Wyoming, the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton, the Wild Horse Inmate Program in Canon City, Colorado, and through the BLM’s online adoptions.