I Have A Secret by Cheryl Bradshaw


5 STARS. I Have A Secret by Cheryl Bradshaw is book three of The Sloane Monroe Series. It is a fast-paced murder mystery thriller that grabs your attention from the start.
On a twenty-year high school reunion cruise, Doug, the class heart throb is murdered. Sloane puts on her PI hat and promises his wife to find the killer. Ms. Bradshaw weaves a web of mystery, violence and intrigue as our heroine uses her ingenuity to solve the crime. Every chapter brings a new twist to the story, which makes it impossible to put down. The ending is a complete surprise.
The characters are well drawn and several of them remind us of our own high school acquaintances. This is a must read for those who love murder mysteries. Amazon link:

An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor


5 STARS. An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor is a sequel to An Irish Country Doctor. It continues the humorous saga of doctors Fingal O’Reilly and his young assistant Barry Laverty as they provide general pratice to the villagers of fictional Ballybucklebo in Ulster. A light- hearted, enjoyable tale, with colorful local characters. The antics of O’Reilly’s dog, Arthur Guinness and his cat, Lady MacBeth, contribute to the Irish flavor of the story. Kinky, the housekeeper, makes sure the doctors eat well, serving kippers, toast and marmalade for breakfast, mock turtle soup for dinner and sherry trifle for desert. The story has plenty of conflict and suspense that keeps the reader turning pages until the end. A thoroughly entertaining read. Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Irish-Country-Village-PATRICK-TAYLOR/dp/B0074CUKQQ/ref=sr_1_8?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1366333609&sr=1-8&keywords=an+irish+country+village

Hidden Moon Bay by Vickie McKeehan


5 STARS Vickie McKeehan grabbed my attention on page one of her novel, Hidden Moon Bay, as she described the brutal murder attempt on Emile Reed.
I remained glued to the pages for the rest of the story as Emile flees for her life from Chicago to a remote coastal town in central California, changing her identity to Hayden Ryan on the way.
As the main witness to a multi million dollar fraud, the perpetrators want her dead. She tries to lose herself as a nobody in the small community but she meets a good looking cop who suspects she has a “past”. This causes stress in their amorous relationship.
For an entertaining adventure and love story, I highly recommend Hidden Moon Bay. Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Moon-Bay-Vickie-McKeehan/dp/0615723055/ref=sr_1_3_title_0_main?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1366498102&sr=1-3&keywords=vickie+mckeehan