My Poetry

Castle In The Sand
I made my castle in the sand.
Its delicate form laced and graced by sifting
Sand filtered through firm fingers
To stand against the surging surf
And racing, laughing suntanned shapes.
Helplessly beautiful
And hopelessly grand,
It cheated the waves that tore it down
And the careless feet that shattered,
Then scattered its pinnacles around,
Until the tide drew back into the black of the sea
And all that was left was the tranquil sand
Waiting for me.

The Merry-Go-Round
I rode and rode the merry-go-round,
Always spinning, never stopping, with the sound
Of music floating through the air
And the whispering wind gently caressing my hair.
Oh, on my painted pony I rode and rode that merry-go-round.
Laughing, turning, never touching ground
I boldly snatched for the golden ring
That seemed to promise everything.
Round and round, ’til laughter turned to tears
And the ride faded into years.

I hear the thud of hoofs and see sparks fly
From shattered stones as Happiness rattles by.
Two black horses champ their bits,
Jerking reins gone slack
On foam-flecked backs.
On into the darkest night they race
Never slowing their reckless pace.
The driverless steeds gather speed,
The carriage sways and swings at every stride.
And that’s for me I whisper in my dream,
Such a carriage and such a team.
Never following day’s marked path,
Never fearing night’s fierce wrath,
Careening, clattering on and on
Endlessly racing to catch the dawn.

Last Words
Last words will never be for us to speak
Because your soft voice will whisper to me
Through gentle loving memories
That every day will float across my mind.
Like the endless sea that laps the sandy shore
Your grace and spirit will stay forever more
Within my heart, giving me joy and comfort
Knowing your sweet goodness will guide my way.
In times of need and trouble I’ll hear you say
“Be patient, there will be the dawning of a brighter day.”
And so I know for you and me
There will be no finality.
No last words for us today
Only treasured thoughts as we pray.