Praise for Marilyn’s Books


“The book offers mystery, adventure and romance blended with the real-life issues of animal abuse and exploitation” —Michelle Mills of San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group

“Pegasus captivates audiences with an eye-opening and adventurous tale of love and wild mustangs.”  —Albemarle Magazine.

“Pegasus is both a mystery-adventure and a romance. The combination, however, is a charming gift to readers. Even those of us who aren’t particularly romantic can become enthralled as a relationship develops between mature, intelligent people.” —Ed Nelson, Movie Actor.

“I recommend “Pegasus” to anyone who wants a good story to take them away for a few hours, whether a lover of horses or not. You will enjoy the ride, much like an easy canter through the field on a nice, spring day.”  —Marissa Libbit for Reader Views.

“Pegasus is a novel which shines light on the issues of animal abuse and exploitation. It is a compelling book and one that will appeal to all horse lovers, especially us Mustang lovers.”  —Nanci Falley, The American Indian Horse.

“The writing style of author Marilyn Holdsworth is good, nice and fast paced, thus keeping the reader’s attention and making the book a quick and entertaining read.” —Katherine Rizzo, The Equiery.


A great historical read! The descriptions were stunning. Author does a lovely job setting the scene for the time. Sweet character interactions.  —Stacy Evans

“A story within a story awaits readers, with an antique dealer’s treasured find yielding a historical intrigue.” —Mary C. Findley, author of Chasing the Texas Wind.

“Ms. Holdsworth holds nothing back as she delivers a well told story that entertains. If you love historical fiction, you’ll enjoy the trip back in time as much I did”  —Vickie McKeehan, author of The Pelican Pointe novels.

“Layers and layers of emotion takes the reader on a journey between past and present….it’s best for you to dive in with an open mind and a willing heart. You won’t regret it. Would I recommend this read? Oh yes, definitely”.  —Andrea Kurian, book reviewer

“A book that teaches you about courage, love and strength one thrilling page at a time. Holdsworth’s writing is captivating and descriptive. A definite must-read.”   —Pandora Poikilos author of Frequent Traveller

“You’ve done a good job developing a story around interesting characters and an intriguing situation. The conversations feel like real conversations between real people”  —Writer’s Digest


“… this is a sweet romance story and a good look at balancing dreams and motherhood.”  —Jess Mountifield

“Marilyn Holdsworth delivers the story with great technique. The structure of the story is very well done and the description of the sets, the detailed observations are very well done.”  —David Whelan, author.

“The story of Elloree’s choice is a part of me now and I do encourage you to read it as well.” —Bob & Eliza.

“Great read. I loved the characters & the story line.. I found myself crying and cheering with them. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I’d love to read more.”   —Jennifer.

“This is a book for all times. The characters are so vividly real that the reader can almost touch and talk with them. Loved it.”   — Teri Newman

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