Review of my novel Making Wishes

5.0 out of 5 stars , July 13, 2014
By John Phiser – See all my reviews
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This novel touches on a very relevant and modern-day dilemma, and does so in a very touching way.
All too often, women will give up all or some of their career when they are ready to start a family. It is still generally expected for women to take on the lion’s share of the rearing of the children and housework. There are many exceptions, of course, but overall it is still seen as the woman’s role to rear children and take care of the home.


Elloree’s decision changes her world forever. Click the image for more.

However, many women now also have admirable careers, which they have worked very hard for, and do not feel comfortable totally giving it up, even when they get a second chance later on when the children grow older. Is it really necessary to choose between career and family or can you have it both?

Elloree Prince is clever and talented young woman who must make that difficult chose between her family or her career. As with good stories of fiction, there is lots of drama thrown into the story, helping the reader to engage with the story.

What makes this novel a notch above the rest is how the main character is developed. You care for her, and the difficult choices she has to make.

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