Stand Up for America’s Wild Horses!

Let your voice be heard. Our wild mustangs need our help. The U.S. government and Bureau of Land Management’s new proposals and regulations for our wild mustangs are not acceptable. Wild horse round ups by helicopter, herding terrified animals for miles and miles to be held captive in abominable, cramped holding facilities is inhumane and not a viable solution to wild horse management. The BLM must fairly allocate range resources to ensure all wildlife, including our wild horses, have a fair share of the forage on our public lands. And a fertility control program must be implemented to humanely and effectively manage our wild horse herd populations.

Our wild horses need us to save them from any government plan to euthanize or send them to slaughter. The American Mustang is a part of our historical heritage and we must see that they are preserved. These horses belong to all of us. They are true national treasures and the responsibility of all of us to protect.  



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