Save California’s Wild Horses!

America’s wild mustangs are part of our historical heritage and they are our responsibility to protect and preserve. The government’s current purposed horse round up in Northern California and sale of them is not an acceptable way to manage or preserve the animals now roaming freely inside the Modoc National Forest. The U.S. Forest Service purposes to round up hundreds of animals and make them available for adoption over a 30 day period. All those 10 years and older are to be sold without limitations at $1.00 each. This would allow kill buyers to purchase truckloads of horses. We must protect our wild horses and develop a more humane program for herd management. Sending hundreds of healthy horses to slaughter is not the solution!

You can help save the horses by supporting your choice of a wild horse sanctuary and writing or emailing your government representatives to bring the plight of the mustangs to their attention.   Act now!


Bridle and Bit reviews Pegasus

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Last Updated: Oct 2nd, 2013 – 11:10:32

Bridle & Bit


Keep wild mustangs off the endangered species list; Animal activist encourages protection of horses in new book by Marilyn Holdsworth

What do Betty White, Bob Barker, Ellen DeGeneres and Marilyn Holdsworth have in common?

They share an immense love for animals and a strong desire to protect them. But while others speak out publicly, Holdsworth puts her efforts into words.

In her book “Pegasus” Holdsworth shines light on the issues of animal abuse and exploitation. The story centers around Hannah, a young widowed journalist fiercely dedicated to saving wild mustangs from slaughter. After rescuing a badly injured horse, she searches to discover the animal’s true identity and fights to save it’s life, all the while falling in love.

A former horse owner and trainer as well as a supporter of Horse Rescue and Wild Horse Preservation, Holdsworth’s lifelong commitment to horses served as motivation for “Pegasus”.

” I wrote this book because I am deeply concerned about the exploitation and abuse of horses.” Holdsworth says. “I wanted to make people aware and gain their support in this fight against maltreatment.”

“Pegasus” captivates audiences with an eye-opening and adventurous tale of love and wild mustangs.

“Pegasus” by Marilyn Holdsworth
Paperback 6 by 9, retail price $14.95
Also available as ebook or hardcover.
ISBN: 9784567018339
Available at and