Mother’s Day, A Worldwide Tradition

Happy Mother’s Day to all. What a wonderful time to share our love and appreciation for that special woman in our lives we call Mom! A joyful opportunity to recall those childhood memories of favorite bedtime stories, chocolate chip cookies and teddy bear picnics. To all the moms and grandmoms everywhere I wish you love and happiness on this your special day.


Waiting for mom

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Some countries such as China, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India and a host of others observe it on the second Sunday in May. Norway does it in February. For the UK and Ireland it’s the fourth Sunday after Lent. Afghanistan and the Balkan states use March 8th. Several Arabian countries such as Saudi Arabia celebrate on March 21st (vernal equinox). Mexico has chosen May 10 and France the last Sunday in May. In Russia it is the last day of November.

Whenever you celebrate Mother’s Day, make sure you honor your Mother, pamper her and give her your love.