April’s Away a poem by Fay Slimm

April’s Away.

All too soon the countryside,
Now fresh greened and sprouting more
Than spring, looks out for wider
Room, shakes it’s newborn blossoms
Then ushers April to the door.
And April’s away.

No longer teenage, Flora’s
Grown maturer now, slightly
Deeper hued, flowers adorning
Every late spring bough, while
April, already pale, turns white,
Then April’s away.

Heated by more ardent sun,
Hedgerows must have stronger feed.
Palid from work early done
April leaves, – makes way for May
To ensure Flora has her needs
Now April’s away.
Fay Slimm

Happiness by Marilyn Holdsworth

I hear the thud of hoofs and see sparks fly
From shattered stones as Happiness rattles by.
Two black horses champ their bits,
Jerking reins gone slack
On foam-flecked backs.
On into the darkest night they race
Never slowing their reckless pace.
The driverless steeds gather speed,
The carriage sways and swings at every stride.
And that’s for me I whisper in my dream,
Such a carriage and such a team.
Never following day’s marked path,
Never fearing night’s fierce wrath,
Careening, clattering on and on
Endlessly racing to catch the dawn.