Using an IPad for Social Networking

I am not very computer savvy in a world of sophisticated high technology machines. I use them only because I must to survive. But I wanted to become a social networker and meet some people with common interests. Although I had a huge fear of tripping all over myself on the web, I decided to timidly take the plunge. And I tiptoed into the water, using my IPad. My publisher had set up accounts for me on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and one or two others as part of my publishing package. Now having used my IPad exclusively for three years, I can

Marilyn Holdsworth

Marilyn Holdsworth

offer some advice to those who want to try it:
1) Make sure your operating system is no older than IOS 6. The later the better. I had an old IPad
and I upgraded my WordPress software. It would no longer run! Fortunately, I was in the process of buying a new IPad.
2) An IPad is not great for uploading photos, but it has improved since the advent of iOS 7. You can work around this problem by using an IPad app, as I do in the case of WordPress. Facebook recently improved for iPad photo uploads.
3) Kindle and IBooks work fine on an IPad.
4) Other useful apps are: ICabMobile, PDF Expert, iZip, PDF Splitter, PDF To JPEG and Spreadsheet. I understand Microsoft Office is now available.
5) I don’t like the IPad version of Facebook. The regular version works fine.
6) I have designed and added part of my website on my IPad, although I had some help with most of it. I continue to maintain it on my own. There are groups on Facebook with people more than ready to help, if you ask.
7) One of the best things about the IPad is it’s light, portable and works anywhere there is Wifi.
I’d be lost without mine, I take it with me eveerywhere!

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